Non-Custodial OTC Settlement Platform


Multi-Asset DVP Settlement

SETTLENET allows you to trade different types of assets On-Chain and the traded assets are settled simultaneously in real time. In the world of tokenization of everything, multi-asset DvP settlement will become reality.


Minimize Counterparty Risk

Remove settlement risk to reduce your counterparty risk. In the era of traditional financial transactions, settlement risk is a never ending concern. With SETTLENET, you don’t have to wait for the counterparty to transfer the asset.


Seamless Settlement Operation

SETTLENET provides an API that allows you to connect between your trading chat tools and SETTLENET. After terms of the trade are agreed via chat tool, settlement will be automatically executed with SETTLENET API. Now you are completely free from the burden of complex back office operations.



SETTLENET Link is a smooth and efficient way to communicate with other participants on the platform. Users can connect via a simple GUI or API, and seamlessly link communication contents to SETTLENET DVP.


SETTLENET DvP is a collection of APIs that creates delivery versus payment transactions on the blockchain (Liquid Network) using the settlement information from SETTLENET Link, etc. Instantaneous gross settlement for each transaction ticket is completed on the Liquid Network in approximately two minutes without the need of handing over one’s private key to a third party and reduces the settlement counterparty risk.


SETTLENET JPY is a Japanese yen-denominated token that is used solely as method of payment for trading between the domestic and foreign entities that have underwent KYC/AML checks by Crypto Garage.SETTLENET JPY is issued as an Issued Asset on the Liquid Network, and is issued directly to the user’s Liquid Wallet. The underlying yen assets are fully segregated to a trust bank.

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